Sunday, June 24, 2007

WIKIGOV & more

Is it time for Wikigov? (Apr 2 2007)
The government is taking some cautious steps toward what has been called Web 2.0, letting users contribute to rather than merely browse agency Web sites.
The Patent and Trademark Office is piloting a program to invite online comment on patent applications. And the Federal CIO Council's Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice uses wiki software so that attendees and presenters can post material about the group's monthly meetings.

Web 2.0: Second verse, different than the first - Community sites, workspaces can open roads to collaboration (Mar 19 2007)
Web 2.0 applications have risks, but open a lot of doors to collaboration.

Spy agencies adapt social software, federated search tools (Sep 25 2006)
With its own versions of a certain search engine and a certain online encyclopedia, the intelligence community is evolving its use of tools now widespread in the commercial sector, generating both success and controversy.

Intel leaders try to think alike on sharing - Plans include consolidating network links, filters and building data sharing into EAs. (Sep 25 2006)

The amazing Wikis - From the CIO Council to the CIA, the lightweight collaboration platform is taking holdbut its not a no-brainer. (Aug 21 2006)