Monday, January 1, 2007

Actualisation of Personalisation

From the BBC . . .

The focus on users and online communities will continue in 2007 said Kathy Johnson from Consort Partners - a Silicon Valley-based firm that advises start-ups targeting the so-called Web 2.0 space. The big trend among hot web companies will be the "actualisation of personalisation" she says. By that mouthful she means web firms will find a way to mine the information generated when net communities spring up.

The ease and speed with which web programs can be put together is driving more and more businesses to question how they create the software they use to keep their organisations running. "You cannot keep on developing software the old ways," said Mr Courtot who is founder and chairman of online security firm Qualys. "The costs of distribution and support are higher and higher and the customers are less and less satisfied." Instead of buying a licence for a program and developing applications themselves, companies will move in great numbers towards firms offering software as a service via the web browser. "It's going to be much more visible than it has at any other time," he said.